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Friday, March 19, 2010

So I Says, "Female Circumcision!" Get It?!

I was just remembering a conversation I had a little while back, with my literary manager at the time, about a first draft of a script I'd just written. In case it hasn't been made glaringly obvious by this point, I really don't think anything is sacred, and, accordingly, I made a joke about female circumcision in the script. She called to tell me to take it out, and I thought some of you might find our interaction amusing:

Manager: There's nothing funny about female circumcision. And by the way, there's no such thing as female circumcision; it's all female genital mutilation. Circumcision is a euphemism.

Curmudgeon: I agree, with regard to the actual act, in real life, but it can be funny as a joke in the right context. Like the Holocaust.

Manager: No. It can't.

Curmudgeon: I disagree.

Manager: It's never funny. It's actually offensive.

Curmudgeon: You were offended?!

Manager: Yes.

Curmudgeon: But you're never offended. That's why we get along so well.

Manager: I have a very tiny box of what offends me.

Curmudgeon: You have a tiny box? Nice.

Manager: That's not funny, either.

Curmudgeon: Your husband's a lucky man.

Manager: I'm hanging up now. Lose the female genital mutilation.


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