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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So in order to pay the rent, I do private tutoring. I tutor a lot of kids who have drug and alcohol abuse issues, and who have spent time in rehabs as a result. Recently, I was working with one of my students, now out of rehab and a senior in high school, and his mom was saying how at rehab, he always used to get in trouble with the eating disorder counselors there. I asked why, and this was my student's response. No joke:

"Because it's bullshit. These girls get there looking all hot, and then they leave fat. They call it 'healthy,' but we all know what 'healthy' means. People in Europe are all skinny. It's called portion control. The counselors there spend the whole time telling these girls it's good to be fat. It's not! It's unhealthy."

1 comment:

  1. It’s a shame the issues of healthy, fat, skinny, unhealthy, muscley etc are so confusing.
    Malnourished and bronzed does not equal healthy
    Unhealthy eating and slim does not equal healthy
    Drug dependence and slim does not equal healthy
    Healthy Size - result from healthy, well-portion eating, happiness, exercise, drug-free lifestyle and sunshine.
    If you can be a size O or a size 8 and have all those points covered good for you! More than likely you will be much happier in yourself and you won’t are as much either.