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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Homeless

My friend reluctantly admitted something to me recently. She told me she saw some guy she thought was cute, and then moments thereafter, noticed that he was barefoot and homeless. This reminded me of another one of my theories: you never see a hot homeless chick.

I see plenty of homeless guys who I'm sure would be presentable if you showered them off, shaved them down, and dressed them up... And in my friend's case, you wouldn't even need to do that.

My theory is, a hot girl never has to be homeless because, for a girl, being hot is such a valuable commodity; it's its own currency. I think Seinfeld said something like, while girls care about what a guy drives, what job he has, what kind of family he's from...a guy doesn't care about any of that stuff, as long as she's hot. A hot girl can always just blow some rich guy in a pinch, even an attractive rich guy. Much harder for a broke dude to broker that deal with an attractive rich chick, you know what I mean. We all saw who Hugh Grant cheated on Elizabeth Hurley with, but she would've never done the equivalent.

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