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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Where Do They Get Off?

My buddy: "You ever hook up with a fat chick who wasn't self-conscious? It's weird, right? It's like, 'Shouldn't you be apologizing, or something?'"

I love my friends, but don't take that quote to heart. Confidence is good. If you're fat, be okay with that. They'll be someone out there who worships everything about your fat ass... Not me. But someone. If you're not okay with being fat, do something about it. Hit the gym, run around the block, stick your finger down your throat. Whatever. But no one wants to hear you complain about it constantly. As soon as I hear a girl say something like, "I feel so fat right now." I immediately think, "Oh, low self-esteem; this'll be easy." Then I think, "No way would I want to date this girl." Don't be a pussy. Be confident.

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