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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yet More Ways of Making Adolescent Girls Insecure

This video is an actual, real-life commercial that I had the fortune? of catching the other night:

Seriously, how many things are wrong with this ad? It's just awful on so many levels. First let's talk about the lack of realism. What the hell is she wearing to a fucking dirty rock concert venue?! It's not prom. Calm the fuck down. Also, how much room does she have to navigate that crowd. Have you ever been to a concert where your crotch wasn't mashed into the ass in front of you? If there's that much breathing room, then that must be one shitty band. Oh, wait. It is.

Second, let's delve into the deeper message of this calamity. That girl had one pimple. ONE! And some "benevolent," ethnically ambiguous being is sent from the future to hand off some Clearasil and say, "You don't need to miss the show." Gee, thanks. I didn't realize I was going to have to miss it until you said so . . . you fucking vain bitch. How passive-aggressive is that comment?! The marketing people at Zeno (whatever the fuck that is) are basically saying, if you have so much as one blemish on your face, you should not leave the house. "You don't need to miss the show . . . now that you have a way of removing that repulsive pustule from your face, because otherwise, you should not have gone out." What kind of message is that?!


  1. I love the dramatic music, ala certainly kept me at the edge of my seat for the entire commercial. What will happen? Will she get rid of the zit? I dont know, but I have to keep watching to find out...

  2. I want that one minute and ten seconds of my life back.