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Monday, December 14, 2009


Okay, so here's a new batch of personalized license plates I spied recently. I've seen way more than this but I don't always remember to write them down. Man, people are dumb and unfunny:

1. "YUR DUN" - More like, YUR DED 2 MI. This guy was driving a Camaro, too. Douche.

2. "KPTV8ME" - I'm sorry, what was that? I lost interest.

3. "HOLLYBU" - As in Hollywood + Malibu. You can imagine what type of person would do something like this. She was also driving an orange Hummer.

4. "MRPRVCY" - Hmmm. That's ironic, because that's a pretty public display of your stupidity.

5. "MMS PNY" - Oh, I get it. Mom's Pony. Because a pony is a mode of transportation. Like your car. And you're a mom. Also, a pony is a member of the equine family, just like a mustang, which is the type of car you're driving. Clever. Now die.

6. "SMTCGO" - I couldn't, for the life of me, decipher this one. Then, I decided to read it with a Boston accent (watch, try it)...because I do stupid shit like that, and I got it (I think): Smart Cargo. Wicked retahded, right?


  1. You wouldn't think one could make a controversial statement about gay marriage on a vanity plate, would you? But then, you've never spent three years in Virginia, where the personalized plates option comes free with your purchase of an automobile and where, consequently, people have mastered the art of abbreviated expression. They're probably all over Twitter now.

  2. Oh, god. That sounds terrible...yet really entertaining.