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Monday, December 28, 2009

Thanks, But No Thanks

Girls are always trying to set me up with guys. "Oh my god, you'd love my friend, Jeremy. You guys totally have the same sense of humor and you're both so funny." Is Jeremy pretty with a good body and a vagina? No? Then I'm not interested. I have enough guy friends.

If we're being honest, he's probably not as funny as I am, but he's going to try to be, and I'll just end up being really annoyed and complaining about him here. And, on the off chance he is as funny as me, we're just gonna spend the entire night trying to one-up each other, which will inevitably result in our interaction devolving into a conversation about gay bestiality and infanticide, or something equally or more perverse, and we'll both end up exhausted, with no girls. Doesn't sound very promising.

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